June 14, 2014
Get Up.
Go On.
Do Great Things.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'd like to know more about Chris. Do you have a page just for him?

  • Yes! We just completed and published the About Chris page. Go check it out!

Can you tell me more about Dreamfest? What exactly are we paying for and how is the Foundation raising money for these organizations?

  • The concert is actually free. The ticket prices that are listed on the website are actually the ticket prices for admission toGulf Islands Waterpark (GIWP). GIWP has an agreement with the Foundation to donate money based on attendance during Dreamfest.In order for the Foundation to raise even more money, we have also entered into an agreement with GIWP to sell water parktickets on a "consignment" basis. This allows the Foundation to purchase GWIP tickets at "cost" and resell them at a lowerprices lower than GIWP's ticket window. All profits made from Foundation ticket sales go to the organizations we haveselected to be this year's beneficiaries. So, if you are planning to attend the Dreamfest event, please buy your tickets to the GWIP early, and buy them from the Foundation.

Who runs the Foundation?

  • The Foundation is run by Chris' family, with the help from many of his friends.

Can I get a paid job at the Foundation?

  • At this time, no. The Foundation is operated entirely by volunteers, from the marketing and web site maintenance, to the accounting and event coordination.

How can I help?

  • You can help by making a donation to the Foundation or by donating your time and talents. We are working hard to be active and visible in the community. Watch for upcoming volunteer opportunities.

Speaking of donations, how much of my donation will actually go to charity?

  • 100% of your donations made through the website will go to charity. You can even designate what your donation is for (general, music / art / education / athletic scholarship, etc).

So, how does all this work?

  • Let's say there is a child who is in the school band. His parents fall on hard times and can no longer afford to pay for instrument rental or lessons. The school will contact the Foundation and the Foundation will then sponsor the child by providing funds for the rental or lessons.
  • Another scenario would be if a child was having trouble in school but could not afford tutoring. Again, the school would call the Foundation. The Foundation would work with the school and / or the tutor to pay for the tutoring.

Why "the little black bird"?

  • Birds have always been prominent throughout Chris' life. His first word (other than Mama and Daddy) was bird. Shortly before his passing, Chris rescued a little black bird from our fireplace. We took a picture of Chris holding his little black bird and interestingly enough, the shirt he was wearing that day was covered with - you guessed it: little black birds.

What does "Get Up. Go On. Do Great Things." refer to?

  • After Chris passed away, we were all devastated. We knew that our lives would never be the same, and that we had some hard decisions to make. We decided, as a family, that we would not let our grief overtake us; even though we had become that family, our loss would not consume us, and that we would get up off of our knees, we would go on with our lives, and we would do great things in spite of the circumstances that we were faced with. Chris is still such a big part of our every day lives, and we believe he always will be. Even though living without him on Earth is hard, we are up, we are going on, and we are hoping to do great things.